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A Midsummer Night's Dream by Benjamin Britten

Design Concept: The Fairies of this Midsummer were created from striking blue hair, polka dots, and layers of patterns. The Lovers stemmed from the 1950's, each lover wearing an ombred effect of one color. The mechanicals had a very warm, and rich color palate also incorporating a good deal of pattern and layers. The Huntington Theatre Costume Shop built Titania's dresses, and Bottom's donkey head. This opera was a double cast production.

Boston University Opera Institute 2016

Stage Direction: Tara Faircloth

Costume Designer: Chelsea Kerl

Assistant Costume Design: Brittany Meehan

Costume Shop: Huntington Theatre Company

Seven Deadly Sins by Kurt Weill

Design Concept: Anna 1 and Anna 2 represented the battle of good and evil as this short opera explored how this small town Louisiana family has been corrupted by the Seven Deadly Sins. The family was costumed as in typical southern working class garments, with a dark blue-grey color palate. 

Boston University Opera Institute 2015

Stage Direction: Jim Petosa

Costume Design: Megan Mills

Assistant Costume Design: Brittany Meehan

The Labyrinth of Desire by Caridad Svich

Design Concept: Set in modern dress in a fantastical reality of bright colors and patterns that was reflected in all elements of design. A Blue Bellhop disguise, and Laura's pink floral dress were built by the BU Costume Shop.

Boston University School of Theatre 2017

Stage Direction: Elaine Vaan Hogue

Costume Design: AJ Jones

Assistant Costume Design: Brittany Meehan

Costume Shop: Boston University Costume Shop

The War Reporter by Jonathan Berger

Design Concept: Modern Dress where the chorus members are part of Paul Watson's mind. The Scenery was based on a disheveled orchestra pit, and the costumes were intended to mimic orchestra members. Paul Watson is rooted in reality, and the ghost of Cleveland is in military fatigues.

Boston University Opera Institute 2017

Stage Direction: Jim Petosa

Costume Design: Lauren Reuter

Assistant Costume Design: Brittany Meehan

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